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Thank you for attending the
OACEP 2021 Fall Conference!

If you need access to one of the presentations from the fall conference, let us know on the "Contact" page.

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Creating Second Chances
by Traci Saor

One Stop Operators - Workforce 211
by Kim Chapman

Creating Second Chances
by Traci Saor

Disability and Diversity: Changing the Attitude of Disability in the Workplace
by Francisco J. Santiago Rivas
and Yasmin Avila Guillen

Unite Us: Your Coordinated Care Network
by Kayla Woodberry
and Jared Williams

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Law and Policy Implications for Workers
by Dr. Juli Wegner

Seeing the World Through Other's Eyes
by Dr. Steven Aragon

by Steve Shepelwich
and Alexander Ruder

Lessons Learned while Digging a Hole: Secrets to Successful Employer Engagement
by Cody Soots

Federal vs Civilian Resumes
by Daron Hoggatt

Unwinding Anxiety
by Dr. Amanda Cothern-Webb

A Decade Undone: Youth Disconnection in the Age of Coronavirus
by Laura Laderman

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